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Community Support Services (CSS) is geared towards assisting low-income residents with case management services, citizenship, residency affairs, translations, and other community support services that CENTRO has to offer. By providing these services to low-income residents, we hope to reduce their dependency on government funded public services, while also helping them attain self-sufficiency


The services we provide include:

  • Case management services

  • Translations and notary services

  • Completed citizenship process

  • Permanent resident renewal

  • Deferred action

  • EBT and WIC applications

  • Open child support cases

Through consumer protection and advocacy, clients are treated with respect and dignity. Through these programs, we serve well over 500 individuals every year. 

Funding and Sponsors

Fully funded by the CDBG grant through the City of Worcester.

Contact Information 

For more information on this program or to register as a volunteer, please contact Yokasta Lopez using the following information:

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