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 Reporting Systems

CENTRO’s mechanisms to assist all full time and part time employees, contractors, interns and volunteers (collectively referred to as “personnel”) and/or agents in reporting suspected violations of possible criminal conduct or violation of the organizational code of ethics by persons within the organization, without fear of retribution are as follow:

  • Web/Server Based: all personnel can access CENTRO’s website to report suspected violations. A link will be available on the website that will allow the reporting party to provide anonymous information which will be forwarded to the corporate compliance officer.

  • Compliance Box: All employees may submit information to the CCO concerning possible violations by placing a letter in the Compliance Box located at the end of the staircase at 11 Sycamore Street, Worcester, MA 01608.

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We Are With You for Every Step of the Way

CENTRO offers the highest quality of social services for the community today. Our years of experience and commitment to excellence have earned us the reputation as the largest Hispanic Community provider in the area. Since 1977, we have provided superior service to our community and have assisted in achieving its goal. This is accomplished with a motivated team of skilled and culturally appropriate family development workers all of whom have been specially trained in one of the many services/programs elements offered.
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