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Housing Counselors

Welcome to your journey towards financial empowerment. Our mission is to provide comprehensive financial education and resources to help individuals and families achieve their financial goals. We offer a range of courses and services designed to empower our community and promote financial stability.

Buy Your Home

Pre-Purchase Counseling: One-on-one sessions tailored to unique circumstances

First-Time Homebuyer Classes: In-person and online classes covering homeownership basics

Down Payment Assistance: Support for first-time homebuyers purchasing a new home

Assistance in budgeting: Debt management, credit counseling, first-time homebuyer guidance, foreclosure default counseling, subsidy applications, and eviction avoidance

Maintain Your Home

Post-Purchase Coaching: Personalized sessions for staying on track after a home purchase

Home Safety: Information on programs available to help improve home safety and health

Home Improvement: Guidance on addressing emergency repairs, major system repairs, and more


Keep Your Home

Foreclosure Counseling: Assistance for those behind or concerned about falling behind on their mortgage

Post Loan Modification Coaching: Support in moving forward after a successful loan modification

Tenant Rights and Responsibilities: Education on tenants' rights and responsibilities for a stable living situation

Financial Coaching

Financial Empowerment: Customized program to empower families and individuals in achieving their financial goals

Venture Start-Up and Growth: Support for aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners through tailored classes

Housing Counseling: Assistance in budgeting, debt management, credit counseling, and eviction avoidance


To speak with one of our Housing Counselors,

Call 508-798-1900



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