CENTRO is currently looking for a full-time Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner responsible for providing psychotherapy and medication evaluation and management to individuals under the age of 23 and under the supervision of a consulting Psychiatrist and Physician.

The Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner is responsible for assessing clients’ mental health, prescribing medication, and identifying and accessing additional therapeutic resources.  The Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner will develop and implement a comprehensive care plan that addresses the individual needs, treatments and mental health disorders of a client. The Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner is responsible for conducting the initial assessment of the referred client.  In collaboration with appropriate program staff and collaterals, the Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner is also responsible for assisting the client’s family by addressing issues and challenges that may contribute to the client’s current mental health status.  The Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner is responsible for maintaining communication with the client’s medical and support team and further, will provide clinical supervision and support to agency staff on an as-needed basis.

In this full-time position, the Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner must be able to see at least three clients per hour for follow up visits and a minimum of two clients per day for the initial appointment AND must ensure timely completion of all documentation and billable notes.

Education/Experience Required:

  • Licensure in Massachusetts as a Registered Nurse
  • Certified as a Pediatric Primary Care Mental Health Specialist
  • Controlled Substances Registration
  • CANS Certification
  • Minimum of five years of experience as a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner